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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

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I'm convinced that even if GG gave a fantastic performance that some would never admit it. And he did give fantastic performances during Grace's death. He' not a great actor by any means but he has it in him to pull a decent performance every now and then. NB, on the other hand, is just mediocre and needs the material to suit her monotone style to make her come off even remotely decent.
I'd admit it, and I watched those, and I disagree with your opinion. In my opinion, he was not "fantastic", though he did give a better performance than I had expected. However, I agree with your opinion about Nadia. She's horrendous and should find a new career.

Well, I'm glad you would because that is rare (and, by the way, no reason to italicize the word "opinion" as I know how message boards work and don't need to be talked down to...no offense but that bothers me when anyone does that to anyone). I know some wouldn't and that is because some people just have the mindset they that dislike some actors/characters or shows no matter what. Actually, every person does it. I do it. For instance, I can't stand Grey's Anatomy or Desperate Housewives. I've tried to get into both shows numerous times and even when they do something huge that is well-liked and praised, I can only bring myself to say "it was ok" or "they could've done this better or that better." Same goes for actors, which is why I bring this up. I can't stand Eric Braeden. Never have. Even when he's done his best work it was "meh" for me. That is why I'm not saying it's wrong that people just can't bring themselves to say anything good about Galen. If you don't like him, you don't like him. Acting is subjective. Same goes for judging shows. I and many others love OLTL and think it's the best soap out there but there have been numerous people on this very board and others that just can't get into it. There are times where I can't understand why anyone would like a certain actor or show. I feel Nadia Bjorlin is awful but that doesn't mean someone out there doesn't love her or feel she is a superb actress.

I also want to make it known that this is in no way about Rafe being with Sami. While I won't deny that it's likely some out there do hate Galen and the character of Rafe because of his involvement with Sami, that was not what I was thinking when I posted.
I honestly don't think it's so much that some do not like Galen and his acting--- that's fine and normal. Not everyone likes all actors or characters and what impresses some, doesn't impress others. I think it is more the tone and language that is used to describe him over and over. Just saying I don't like so and so; don't care for his acting, etc. is one thing, but IMO, when others constantly bash by making insulting comments, etc. that is what makes others so defensive. Rafe fans get that some don't like him or his acting-- that's fine, but why is it necessary to repeat it everytime there is a scene with him or a s/l involving him? I honestly don't see it being done as much for anyother actor or actress on the show, except maybe for Mia.
My guess is you likely pay more attention to the threads that involve Rafe and/or GG because actor bashing happens all the time and pretty much across the board. He is in no way the only actor that experiences it - I'm not even sure he gets it more than most. Just recently there was a lot of discussion about Wally Kurth. Molly, Dylan, Taylor, Ali, James, Suzanne, Peggy, Shelley, Bryan...they all take plenty of pot shots from folks. I can't really think of anyone who is immune to it.
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