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Nov 7 2009, 12:44 PM
Nov 7 2009, 12:40 PM
This is the best interview that JS has given in a while and I'm glad that he is so excited about the upcoming story lines. Hopefully it will translate onto my television because he has made similar comments in the past that I didn't see pan out. The twist makes me nervous, especially if it means making any unrelated characters, related somehow. Enough incest, enough mind boggling connections.

I really dislike Chad and definitely don't want either he or Mia becoming DiMera spawn. That card has been played just one too many times for Stefano and EJ DOES NOT need a teenager to manage. The thought of bringing back the EJole baby makes me queasy, enough with the babies. I'm still hoping for the only thing that will ever make Rafe interesting for me and that is if he indeed has been working for Stefano the entire time trying to keep Sami away from EJ. It's the only notion that turns the entire story on its head for me.
You know, I can see it! Rafe was always on the phone in the beginning when he came back to Salem for Sami, and we never found out why or with whom. I posted about that many times, and it would be a huge twist! It would make Rafe more interesting too. Now that would be fun. Sami being torn between two BAD guys. It would really prove where her feelings really lie.
That would be an awesome twist but somehow I don't think that will be the case.

Why would Stephano keep sending the hitman after Sami if he already had one of his own 'protecting' her? I still don't get why Stephano would have sent the 'hitman' after Sami when she was carrying a DiMera heir. That is VERY un-Stephano like. Don't get me wrong, I'm down with the whole Rafe isn't the goody goody we have seen thus far but I can't imagine that it is due to Stephy.

All of the spoilers and interviews out thus far seem to indicate that Sydney is definitely Sami's baby. I don't think the writers want us to believe that Stephano could do the switcheroo on the FBI DNA test (which he doesn't even know about). And I don't know about anyone else, but I didn't see Sami get it on with anyone besides EJ round about the time of conception so I'm pretty sure Sydney is EJs as well. Besides, once again, if she wasn't a DiMera heir why on earth would Stephano care if EJ kicked her (Sydney) out with Nicole?

And to those who have said that we don't need anymore long lost relatives popping up in Salem due to the already honerous incest issues. ICAM.

I do, however, recall a spoiler somewhere that said something to the effect that an individual was going to come to Salem (new character) that was going to shake up everything and turn Salem on its head [or something like that]. I thought it had something to do with the woman Nathan saved at the pub. If anyone else remembers this please help me out here...if not, let me know I'm delusional. :P
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