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The relentlessly juvenile Tad-Hillary-Bob storyline was one of the many reasons ALL MY CHILDREN had such a disappointing year. Equally tiresome was teh cat and mouse game played by Erica and Adam. You never believed that they threatened each other the way you always do with John Dixon and Lucinda Walsh on AS THE WORLD TURNS. (Bringing Jeremy Hunter on the show was a big help because here is a man that Erica Kane finally can't have.) Their big murder mystery -- Who killed Zach Grayson? -- turned out to be a big bust. No one directly involved in the pornography/blackmail subplot -- Nina, Cynthia, Ross, Daisy, or Palmer -- was responsible. The writers spent months building up the suspense only to have a remote possibility -- Marion Colby -- pan out. Big deal. The call girl storyline with Tad and Dottie thinking anyone would take them seriously as detectives went on far too long and took far too many bizarre twists. Michael Knight and Tasia Valenza did not help carry the story when th writing was weak. Stretching credibility to its thinnest extreme was AMC's biggest problem this year; everyone's problems could have easily have been solved by a few hours in a playpen with pacifiers in their mouths.
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