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There is no Xanadu; no Great Pumpkin; no tooth fairy. And no perfect marriage. GENERAL HOSPITAL emphatically proved this point in 1985, when the soaps' "only happily married couple" was torn asunder.

Until now, each storm weathered by Robert & Holly Scorpio only served to bring them closer. Life was a challenge faced together. The emergence of his ex-wife Anna Devane uncovered lies, secrets, deceptions, guilt. But no matter how dark and bleak the situation became -- Holly leaving her husband to flee to England, Robert teaming with Anna (and pretending to be lovers) to fight Sean, Prescott kidnapping Holly, etc., -- somehow, we had faith that the abiding love between the couple would endure. It did, and boy, were we happy... until his ex-wife and newly discovered child moved into the Scorpio residence. But you can't have everything.

Robert & Holly Scorpio may walk off into the Australian sunset together, but their memory lingers. Thanks and praise to Tristan Rogers and Emma Samms for their splended work. It was our privilege to see them develop outstanding characters and forge such a riveting partnership.

Just when you thought it was safe to watch GUIDING LIGHT's Reva again, she fell for another Lewis. But by the time the audience found out Kyle wasn't a Lewis at all, it no longer mattered -- we were hooked. Kyle and Reva suffered through the standard soap opera obstacles, such as the interference of Sampson's pregnant ex-girlfriend, as well as some not-so-standard ploys like crashing through the roof of a barn, and being left stranded in Amish country. But as in all the most memorable love stories, it isn't plot contrivances that make this couple so special. It's warmth, genuineness and character -- and Kyle and Reva have plenty of all three.

Theirs was one of the most romantic love stories of the year, yet you could count on one hand the joyful moments Shane Donovan and Kimberly Brady shared together. After months of longing gazes, this very cautious couple finally declared their feelings (and did something about them). But Shane's dead wife turned up alive and psychotic, Kimberly developed hysterical blindness and, well, you get the picture. When Shane got wise to Emma, Kim regained her sight and saved her lover's life (right after he saved hers) and as they reunited, you could just about hear the applause and sighs of relief from DAYS viewers.

As Shane and Kimberly, Charles Shaughnessy and Patsy Pease created a subtle, delicate, sensitive portrayal of a forever love -- one that (writers willing) only deepens with the passage of time. A super couple is born. Now, if they could just stay together for a week or so without disaster striking....
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