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The instrument of torture here was Suzi's ex-husband, Warren. After learning that their son Jonah was really his and not Cagney's, the ex-con hatched plots to drive Suzi mad so he could get her committed and claim custody of the child. Add this to a history of involvement with the mob and a steamy affair with Wendy, and one can understand why Suzi eventually put him out of her misery permanently. When murdering someone, Suzi learned, self-defense is the best defense. She got off and married the man who stuck by her through all of Warren's mechinations -- Cagney.

Stacey Donovan could probably write a book about having man problems. It just seems that happiness, love and marriage are destined to escape her as she continues her quest to be Mrs. Jack Forbes. Just when it appeared that she and Jack would finally get together after all the years Stacey had waited in the wings, Jack up and married the conniving Ava Rescott, a money grubber from Milltown who just happened to be pregnant with his child. But after romancing Lily, who left town for an extended stay at a sanitarium, and bedding Ava during an identiy crisis, Jack was determined to have his woman, so he pressured Stacey (who was more than a tad willing) into an affair. Suspecting what was going on, Ava had Stacey named corespondent in her divorce case. On the stand, Stacey was brought to shame as Ava's lawyer produced evidence that she and Jack had slept together. Now the pair are on the run, hiding out from Ava with Jack's son (the boy really isn't his). The question is: When Jack is free of Ava, will Lily return to town?

Oh, how we cried the day Bobby died. We cried for him, for Christopher, for J.R., but mostly we cried for Pam. Poor, poor Pam. She and Bobby always loved each other. They went through a ridiculous soap opera ("no happy marriage is interesting") divorce so there could be a little conflict in their lives. But we knew better. We knew that no matter how much Pam appreciated Mark Graison and how much Bobby genuinely loved Jenna, Pam and Bobby were true soulmates. In the last episode they made plans to marry once again, but as Bobby was leaving Pam's house he was hit by crazy Katherine's car and killed. If you believe in reincarnation you know these two once lived as Romero and Juliet. Sigh. Sob. Sigh. Sob.
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