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When Joshua Rush showed up on long-lost mother Lilimae's doorstep, he was an intense young innocent. Joshua had grown up with a rigid, Bible verse-spouting preacher for a father and was shocked by the goings on in his mama's racy Knots Landing cul-de-sac. But tastes of power -- both sexual and professional -- corrupted an unbalanced Joshua. When Rush's job and marriage soured, Alec Baldwin turned in eerily frightening and violent performances as a man whose world had spun wildly out of control.

Sparks have ignited the screen once again. The reason? The emergence of the very mysterious and very hot Jeremy Hunter. This is a man who has led a life of excitement and adventure (he's gone from millionaire, to missionary, to Tibetan monk, to art director of Tempo Magazine!) and women have always desired him. Once involved with a beautiful charmer named Natalie, Hunter is now enamored of the irrepressible Erica Kane. Natalie, however, has decided she wants Jeremy back -- even though she's married to Alex Hunter, Jeremy's wealthy father! One can be sure that the tempestuos Miss Kane won't stand for that -- she has no intention of letting this man go. Yes, the women of Pine Valley must be envious of Erica's new beau, probably cursing the fact that they didn't nab him for themselves first. It's a good thing Marian Colby isn't around...
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