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Daytime has come a long way since an interracial kiss aroused such violent protest that the entire black family was written off DAYS OF OUR LIVES. Luther (Lucky) Washington and Julia Field were lovers on RITUALS; he was the son of the family's maid. Not only did they kiss, but Julia's family did not get bent out of shape by the relationship; when her father, C.J., ran for political office, his opponent tried to make it a political issue, but C.J. would have none of it. He refused to tell her to end a relationship with someone she loved for his own political ambitions. RITUALS was cancelled before this story could develop very far, but it was the best try we saw all year.


When actress Kay Campbell, who portrayed the beloved Kate ("Gran") Martin for the past 15 years, passed away, ALL MY CHILDREN was faced with a decision to make: How would they deal with the loss of this long-time character? Would they send "Gran" on an extended vacation and continue to mention her name from time to time as if she were alive? Would they simply not mention anything at all? Or, would they actually write the actress's death into the storyline? AMC chose the latter and we commend them for it. A sensative and moving funeral service was aired for Kate, and also served as a tribute to Campbell. The scene featured flashbacks of memorable moments between "Gran" and a number of past and present characters. It celebrated the life of an actress and character that was loved by many and gave the viewers the opportunity to say good-bye. Good choice, AMC.
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