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Her dear friend and sweetheart Perry had just died, leaving ANOTHER WORLD's Nancy McGowan with an ache and emptiness that she thought would never go away. Seeking escape from the loneliness and pain caused by her loss, Nancy developed a dependency on the drug Ecstacy, new in the field of so-called designer drugs. While the verdict is not yet in on Ecstacy (thought the FDA has severely restricted its usage), it was clear to Nancy's friends that facing her problems without drugs was the only way she would ever recover from Perry's death and gain the strength to deal with the myriad crisis that awaited her as she did this thing called living. With help from her friend Chris Chapin, Nancy turned her life around (albeit a little too quickly to be realistic) and learned to cope on her own. Since we are constantly being bombarded by new drugs offering Eden, ANOTHER WORLD did well to inform and eductate viewers about one of the hottest -- and potentially dangerous -- drugs to hit the scene.
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