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It was a story viewers didn't want to see -- how Robert Scorpio met and married his first wife Anna Devane. The use of the now-famous flashback sequences was an extremely clever device with with the past could be explored, and it worked like a magnet, attracting and repelling viewers at the same time.

The show went on location to film the nostalgic romance, highlighted by the Scorpios' communal wedding in a tiny Italian village (no, they didn't actually go to Italy). Score a triumphant breakthrough for Gloria Monty and Co. as they successfully chronicled an entire storyline through flashbacks.

Later in the year, the tale of the Aztec treasure drew to a long overdue conclusion, climaxing in a heart-stopping fight between Scorpio and Sean Donely aboard an aerial tram car. Again, GH went on location, this time to a mountain locale. The results were taut, action-filled adventure sequences. How realistic were they? Just ask John Reilly (Sean) who emerged from teh aerial fracas with some genuinely bruised ribs.
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