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It used to be said that hte only reason ONE LIFE TO LIVE maintained respectable ratings was because it was sandwiched between ALL MY CHILDREN and GENERAL HOSPITAL. And for several years ONE LIFE did very little to dispute that statement. Plots went nowhere, characters were brought on only to wander aimlessly before, mercifully, being written off. Then came 1985 and ONE LIFE TO LIVE earned every rating point on its own. Tapping into the talents of its strongest performers, ONE LIFE revived the Niki/Viki storyline and used it to create dramatic, touching, and humerous stories which kept us looking forward to each day's episode. The David/Jenny love story also provided us with many fine moments. ONE LIFE TO LIVE's greatest asset is its superb cast which showed what it could do if given the right material. Kudos to all at ONE LIFE TO LIVE for a job very well done.

Last year, FALCON CREST finally came into its own, becoming much more than the soap that simply followed DALLAS. We are also happy to report that as of this writing, they are keeping up with last season's high standards -- even surpassing them. FALCON CREST has become a first class show. All around acting last year was superb with honorable mention going to Lorenzo Lamas (Lance), who grew with performances that combined vulnerability and humor. Jane Wyman (Angela) was never more acerbically witty; in fact, most of the cast seemed to get the notion that humor was necessary, and were allowed to poke fun at themselves every once in a while.

We were particularly engrossed in the love story between Lance and Lorraine (Kate Vernon); Emma's (Margaret Ladd) great desire to fall in love; and the heat and longing that existed between Richard (David Selby) and Maggie (Susan Sullivan). Stay away from Nazis and treasure hunts, FALCON CREST -- keep the writing and acting at its present caliber and MIAMI VICE will never rest easy.
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