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DAYS OF OUR LIVES, often criticized for their indulgence in young love, brought us a fascinating story: a wealthy, very handsome and sophisticated crime boss (Victor Kiriakis) became passionately obsessed, not with some blonde tootsie, but with a housewife and mother of four adult children. Hurray to the writers, producers, and actors who helped us feel Carolyn and Victor's sexual tension and reminded us that lust doesn't happen just to kids.

Perhaps with the success of prime time's GOLDEN GIRLS, as well as the nighttime soaps which show people over 40 leading exciting, passionate and interesting lives, the daytime shows will once again remember who the meat and potatoes of their audience are (hint: they're not twelve-year-olds), and give the more mature and more experienced actors something to work with.

I'm still waiting for Victor and Caroline to find their love. As a kid I loved Golden Girls so a love story between characters who are older than I am would be welcomed. Right now I am loving Stefano and Kate.

Thanks for posting, it was a very interesting read.

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