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The revelation went against everything the Scorpios' marriage stood for: love, trust, honesty. How could Robert have had a first wife and not told Holly?!? Loyal GH fans didn't understand, and neither did we. Yes, it was well done, but that is irrelevant. GENERAL HOSPITAL asked its viewers to accept the absolutely unacceptable, and they reacted with justifiable outrage.

The writers trashed an exciting, vibrant marriage to advance a hot triangle. Robert's character and credibility were destroyed as he tap-danced his way through a minefield of a storyline. Meanwhile, innocent Holly went from feisty fighter to melancholic, betrayed victim -- a senseless casualty.

As for Anna, the first wife, her behavior can best be described as schizophrenic, as she went from sinner to savior in three easy lessons. It was a long, discouraging summer indeed.

It didn't end with the prism storyline. Having been "influenced" by GENERAL HOSPITAL's ice princess caper, DAYS OF OUR LIVES went on to lift entire storylines from GH and did so shamelessly. Melissa and Pete went on the run searching for clues which would lead to something they hoped would bring about the fall of Salem's powerful crime boss, Victor Kiriakis. We remembered GH's Luke and Laura doing the same thing as they tried to foil Port Charles's resident bad guy Mr. Smith. We sighed. Somewhere along the line, Melissa donned a black wig and we recalled that Laura had used the very same disguise. We groaned. The bad guys sent an emissary, Tod Chandler, with instructions to get in good with Pete and Melissa and then set them up for murder. But Tod had a change of heart and he joined Pete and Melissa's side. Needless to say, we thought of GENERAL HOSPITAL's Hutch, who had done just what Tod did. We moaned. One day, someone in our office even swore that Melissa was wearing the same ugly plaid shirt that Laura had worn, but we just knew it couldn't be. Or could it? However, the absolute last straw came when, as part of another storyline, Tony DiMera disappeared on a fog-shrouded pier much the same way Laura had some years ago. For all those who enjoyed the antics of Luke and Laura and company, viewing these old reruns on DAYS would be just great if only they were done nearly as well. Watching these particular stories on DAYS OF OUR LIVES has become as exciting as eating a warmed over piece of toast.
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