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We believe GUIDING LIGHT is daytime's best show because of its unparalleled acting and superb day-to-day writing. GL is not a theme show, based on a series of outlandish adventures or science fiction tall tales. It includes frontburner stories for actors in every age group. Tune in any day and even if you don't know the plot, you will be moved by what you see. That's a pretty terrific accomplishment.

The breakup of Sue Ellen and J.R. The breakup of Donna and Ray. The trial of Jenna Wade, and the slow, tentative road back to love for Bobby and Pam. Those were but a few of the stories that happened last season on DALLAS. Of course, we are not mentioning the best cliffhanger since Who Shot J.R.? -- that non-cliffhanger concerning Bobby's death, because it was in a class by itself. Every character had a storyline this season. Almost every line was well-written, and even those lines that were silly were acted with class, and directed with sensitivity.

Honorable mention must go to Linda Gray whose portrayal of Sue Ellen Ewing has been remarkable. Gray stripped off her makeup, fancy clothes and let her fair fall every which way as her character fell deeper and deeper into the depths of alcoholism. She showed us a desperate, despondent woman no longer interested in going on. It was powerful stuff.

DALLAS didn't have to resort to luring movie stars, or rely on costumes and jewels to make us watch -- the story alone was worth our hour on Friday nights.
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