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We thought that finally Asa Buchanan was going to get his comeuppance. After years of lying to and manipulating everyonein town, including his sons Clint and Bo, it was revealed that Asa, a known bigamist, had been "married" to Pamela, a woman who lived on teh far off island of Malekeva. Using the assumed name Jeb Stuart, Asa covered up his long absences from Malekeva by pretending to be a ship's captain who was often at sea.

Asa's ten-year marriage to Pam means that at one point Asa was guilty of being married to three women at the same time. It also means that what viewers were led to believe was Asa's genuine love for Becky Lee Abbott, was not as sincere as we had thought. This ridiculous twist to the otherwise lively saga of Asa Buchanan's life might have been salvageable had there been a point to the story line. Alas, there was none. As usual, everyone came to grips with this latest outrage too quickly to be believed. Pam tricked Asa into marrying her legally and moved to Llanview, leading us to believe that ONE LIFE had concocted this story so that Pam would change Asa. Not so. Instead, Asa's overbearing ways drove Pam into the arms of Pete O'Neill and this happened, as far as we can tell, so that Pam and Pete would have something to do. This whole story line leaves us wondering why ONE LIFE TO LIVE would do such a thing to its loyal viewers.
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