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While love most definitely rules the day on soap operas, serials can get a bit maudlin what with characters going around saying hopelessly sappy things that no real person would ever utter. ANOTHER WORLD, like its daytime counterparts, has been guilty of overdosing on sugary sweet sentimentalism. Nevertheless, this year's most romantic scene goes to that serial for a truly well-done scene between Michael Hudson and Donna Love on the occaision of the consummation (for the second time in 20 years) of their love.

Hudson, who had whisked Donna away to Hawaii, serenaded her from below as she stood, slightly embarrassed, but deeply moved, on a balcony. The fact that Michael's behavior did not seem too out of the blue to be true, went a long way to make this scene work as well as it did. Intense, yet possessing a whimsical, devil-may-care attitude toward life, Hudson wouldn't hesitate to pull a stunt like this. And, he was only fulfilling Donna's wish, expressed on the night of their engagement party, that he sing for her. Besides the fact that Kale Browne's rendition of "I Can't Help Falling In Love With You" was surprisingly good, the scene was enhanced by the chemistry between these seasoned performers.
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