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It is painful to even go back into our recent archives and remember the particulars of the tortuous Laurelton mystery. You see, there was once this sick chick named Terry who was frigid but curious as well. She saw some guy named Earl Moody get strangled by fiance Kevin O'Connor in the town hall of her hometown. On hand were her imperious grandmother, Jennifer Talbot, and her mealy-mouthed lawyer, Ted Holmes. Many medallions and strangulations and MONTHS later, the murderer was still at large, in Port Charles. Terry turned up the volume on her screech box and soon was drowning out fire engine and ambulance sirens all over town. Although the Laurelton mystery did turn up on ironic twist -- Jennifer Talbot was fittingly stuffed up a drain pipe -- the real disappointment was that the killer never killed Terry. In our eyes that would have been judged a mercy killing, for the audience was not spared anything in this excruciatingly dull story.
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