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Lauren Williams had done a lot of nasty things in her life, but leaving her husband Paul for Shawn Garrett was not one of them. Unknown to Paul, a demented Shawn forced Lauren to move in with him. The deal was if Lauren deserted Paul, Shawn would spare Williams's life. Paul divorced Lauren, but his buddy Andy Richards convinced him that Lauren's life was in danger. The men travelede to San Francisco just in time to save Lauren from the vindictive Shawn, who had buried her alive.

Back in Genoa City, Lauren spilled the truth to a hurt, disillusioned Paul, who couldn't buy his ex-wife's strange story. When proof of Lauren's claim emerged, Paul raced to Lauren's side to make up for lost time. At first, they kept their reconciliation a secret. Paul announced to his parents that he'd invited a woman over for dinner. No one was more thrilled than Carl and Mary when their son's mystery date turned out to be Lauren!
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