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In a beautifully written, thought provoking and entertaining story line, DAYS OF OUR LIVES has dealt responsibly with one of the most important issues facing America today: teen sexuality. That teenagers are sexually active can no longer be ignored with the pregnancy rate currently standing at 96 per 1,000 teenagers between the ages of 15 and 19. DAYS has wisely chosen to confront this issue head-on. In a series of sensative, indepth conversations, Jennifer Horton and Glenn Gallagher have talked about birth control, with Glenn deciding to take responsibility for protecting them both against an unwanted pregnancy. Alice Horton, Jennifer's grandmother, while making it clear that she disapproves of pre-marital sex, has counseled her granddaughter against engaging in sex without taking the proper precautions. But DAYS OF OUR LIVES did not just stop with the obvious issue of birth control. It chose to probe into the emotions surrounding the sometimes difficult decision a couple must make when contemplating becoming lovers. Confused as to her motives for wanting to make love with Glenn, Jennifer turned to brother Mike for advice. Without chastising her, sounding preachy or being hypocritical, Mike, who admitted to being a sexually active teen, advised Jennifer to make sure that she made love to Glenn because she truly wanted to, not because she felt sorry for him, or felt she owed it to him. Later, Jennifer, in an attempt to comfort Glenn, decided to make love to him, but pulled back after admitting that she wasn't sure she loved him. Glenn understood and reassured his girlfriend that he only wanted her to be with him because she loved him as he did her. Bravo DAYS OF OUR LIVES for this well-developed intelligent story line.
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