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Beautiful, realistic, wonderful to look at, LOVING's sets are absolutely smashing. There's the Alden drawing room with its wedgewood blue walls, carved moldings, Oriental rugs, and fine furniture of various textures and hues, Cabot Alden's study with tis leather furnishings, polished wood and lush rugs speaks of old money and good taste. These two sets capture the essence of the Alden family: wealthy, refined, elegant. Likewise, Kate Rescott's home reflects the socioeconamic standing and personality of its occupant, Kate is a working class woman with little money to spend. Moreover, she cares little for material things. Outside the Rescott house, the paint is peeling while inside, the wallpaper is old and worn and the couch is upholstered in a garish, floral fabric.

LOVING's set are so spacious that one gets a feel for the entire room. They also accommodate varying camera angles. Instead of the waist-up shots most other soaps rely upon, LOVING's expansive sets allow full-length views of characters. In the process, a total environment is revealed, and that is as important to the mood of a scene as the dialogue. The rooms are also beautifully detailed. Whatever is need to fully define a character is there, whether it be paintings, statues, or newspapers stacked in a corner. These sets, which are also wonderfully lighted, are masterpieces. Kudos to designer Boyd Dumrose.
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