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It's no secret (except to those who vote for the Emmy Awards) that DAYS OF OUR LIVES is the best scored show on daytime. Musical director Marty Davich possesses an uncanny knack fo rmatching music to story, and the result is magical. Despondant Patch gazing forlornly out at the Salem River as Bob Seger's "Somewhere Tonight" softly plays, or the good guys chasing the bad guys to the pounding beat of a Phil Collins tune, are two examples of how the right score heightened emotion and set the tone of a scene. DAYS also effectively uses one piece of music to link three or four separate scenes at the show's close, creating a moody aura that lingers after the final credits are shown.

And then, there are the love themes. Who can think of Bo and Hope without humming "Tonight, I Celebrate My Love"? Which brings us to a song that hit number two on the record charts, "Friends and Lovers," otherwise known to DAYS viewers as Shane and Kimberly's theme. It was the perfect match of song and romance. Originally put together just for the show, public acclaim resulted in Gloria Loring and Carl Anderson recording the tune and the rest is mega-success.
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