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Much has been written about the renaissance of this long-running soap and all of it is true. By highlighting mystery and humor and setting up some very unusual triangles, executive producer Robert Calhoun and head writer Douglas Marland kept us in suspense and laughing at the same time. The introduction of the Snyder family strengthened the story by involving its various members with the established families. The triangles of Sierra/Craig/Lucinda and Holden/Lily/Dusty worked very well. ATWT's strongest point is still the way it unravels a mystery -- the Douglas Cummings and Tad Channing murder stories being cases in point. The family revelations among Lucinda Walsh, Sierra Esteban, Lily Walsh, and Iva Snyder kept us guessing when all hell would break loose. The antics of Shannon O'Hara, Harriet COrbman -- daytime's Lucy Ricardo and Ethel Mertz -- and Lisa McColl cracked us up.

ATWT also scored in its introduction of unusual and mysterious characters. Marsha Talbot, Duncan McKechnie and Hensley Taggart were not easily summed up, and they intrigued the audience. The best thing about this show is that everyone gets a story and all the generations of Oakdale are involved. On this soap, there is something for everyone. It also boasts what is probably the best cast of emsemble players in daytime.
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