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The year SEARCH FOR TOMORROW staged a flood that wiped out the town of Henderson so that it had to be rebuilt. Former executive producer John Whitesell trashed the existing sets and did not skimp on any of the special effects. For the torrential rains that preceded the flood, he ordered six hand-held hoses equipped with special rain heads which sprayed 6,000 gallons of warm water onto the cast. Special troughs were built in the studio to hold the water. 3,000 pounds of sand and mud were hauled in as well as 300 sand bags. To simulate the tidal wave that swept away actors like Mary Stuart (Jo) and Jacqueline Schultz (Patty), a 150-gallon tank was hoisted eight feet above the studio floor and the water was discharged through a flume.

Some flood scenes were taped in another studio in a tank 28 feet in diameter and four feet deep. A river-bank was constructed on one side of the tank. In these scenes, David Forsyth (Hogan), who drew on his training in the Marines and as a paramedic to make the rescue as realistic as possible.

The SEARCH flood was a remarkable technical feet for daytime and a breathtaking experience for the audience.
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