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During sweeps months (the periods in which the shows' ratings are closely monitored so that networks may determine advertising rates) soap operas tend to subject viewers to the horrors of going on location. They traipse off to some foreign locale, usually a beach somewhere (ANOTHER WORLD please take note) and enact a story line that has little or nothing to do with what they've been airing for months. ONE LIFE TO LIVE, however, used their production budget wisely when they went to Vienna to tie up the David and Jenny Renaldi story. When last we left the hapless lovers, they were heading for an uncertain future together as a couple on the run from forces that would have them held prisoners behind the Iron Curtain. David and Jenny journeyed to Austria where they lived under an assumed name. Eventually, their true identities were discovered and they were captured. Jenny escaped and telephoned longtime friend Viki Buchanan for help. The story line that ensued was entirely reasonable within ONE LIFE TO LIVE's framework. Furthermore, ONE LIFE effectively used the beauty of Vienna as a wonderful backdrop for what turned out to be quite a suspenseful adventure plot. Well done.
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