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In the beginning, Phoebe was a strong, feisty woman with pizazz. She loved playing the matriarch and meddling in her children's affairs. But in recent years, Phoebe has been a dope. First, Langley duped her into believing he was a professor when he was really a con man named Lenny Vlasuk. Then this year, another con man half her age, Wade, duped her into marrying him. This relationship was so unfathomable it was repulsive. Have the producers decided that Phoebe is the ideal character to take advantage of because she's a senior citizen? She's far from senile so we'd like to see her regain some of her early dignity and smarts.

For starters, Maeve became pregnant after only one night with Kyle, a night she spent with him knowing he was in love with Reva. She (2) didn't tell Kyle she was carrying his baby when she (3) took a bullet meant for him at Mindy's wedding reception. Miraculously, the unborn child was unharmed. Kyle discovered Maeve's condition while she was recuperating in the hospital, and when he proposed marriage, (4) she accepted even though he was still madly in love with Reva. Maeve (5) was overcome with jealousy every time she caught her husband glancing in Reva's direction, and when (6) Kyle saved Reva's life, the once-bright Maeve decided to leave town even though she was a high-risk pregnancy and near term. Of course, (7) she had the baby while she was out of Springfield, delivered by (8) Louie Darnell, who then helped Maeve concoct a transparent cover-up. When she returned to Springfield, Maeve claimed that (9) she had lost her baby and didn't want to discuss it witha grief-stricken Kyle. Instead, she chose to care for Louie's "orphaned cousin" who appeared out of nowhere and (10) did not have a birth cirtificate. But Dr. Darnell insisted that Maeve register her son -- name (11) Benjamin Louie. Maeve lost the legal papers so many time, (12) India decided to intervene and was eventually responsible for (13) the documents landing on Kyle's desk. Meanwhle, an increasingly hysterical Maeve neglected her duties at The Journal as she (14) shuffled Ben from nursemaid to daycare center to housekeeper to Fletcher, whose pity for her plight (15) turned to love. They planned to marry as soon as Maeve got her divorce from Kyle, but she became (16) so confused when they met to discuss the details of their separation that she (17) took off for Mexico without vital divorce papers, leaving her darling Ben under the care of a woman from a babysitting service, who (18) accidentally turned the infant over to a social worker sent by Kyle. When Maeve returned from Mexico she realized what had happened and (19) charged into the church where Kyle and Reva were about to be married. In an emotional outburst Maeve demanded to know what Kyle had done with "their son," thereby revealing the "secret" which eventually caused her to (20) lose custody of Ben.

AS THE WORLD TURNS's Meg Snyder conveniently finds blood smaples sitting on her doctor's desk and switches the names on the vials. ALL MY CHILDREN's Natalie Hunter pays off an amoral lab technician to fudge her baby's paternity. ANOTHER WORLD's Brittany Love adjusts her baby's neonatal record. DAYS OF OUR LIVES's Emma Marshall fiddles with Kimberly Brady's amniocentesis report to indicate that Kim's unborn baby carries a genetic disease; later Emma alters the newborn's paternity test so the wrong man is identified as the father.

Enough already! Such patently contrived plot twists corely test the audience's patience. The worst offender is DAYS, which has allowed Emma's dirty tricks to go undetected for far too long. Beyond that, these miscues give the medical profession an awful reputation. What doctor leaves blood work lounging unattended? Are lab technicians so underpaid they would reject ethics in favor of a quick buck? Do hospital volunteers usually deliver unsealed confidential reports? And how is it that non-medical people can change results and the professionals never detect the forgeries? And why are the culprits always women? It's time for these shows to get a grip on reality and give us a break!
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