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Characters and plots come and go on soaps, often with frustrating speed. A character is introduced and immediately paired off. A week later, viewers are expected to wildly root for htis instant couple. Not so on 1986's best show, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS, which takes its time -- sometimes maddeningly so -- to develop and enrich characters and stories. The Kay/Jill feud is so intense because it has been going on for years, with twists, turns and new alliances added all the time. Likewise, since Victor and Nikki have been involved for so long, the audience genuinely cared when the breakup of their marriage appeared imminent. Secrets are kept for years (the mysterious backgrounds of Matt and Brad, the pictures of Jill and Jack), allowing genuine tension to develop.

Y&R's well-drawn characters do not have the irritating tendency (found on other shows) to alter their personalities. The way they act, and the decisions they make, make sense, considering their histories. The top-notch writing is matched by a terrific cast including Terry Lester (Jack), Jeanne Cooper (Kay), Brenda Dickson (Jill), Eric Braeden (Victor), Eileen Davidson (Ashely) and Beth Maitland (Traci). One of the wonderful things about watching Y&R is the absence of "revolving door" cast changes: Once you find characters and stories you like, you can sit down, relax and enjoy. They'll be around for a while.
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