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KNOTS LANDING didn't reach the cartoon proportions of DYNASTY, or suffer through the story line blunders DALLAS made last season. Its success can be attributed to resistance to straying too far from teh relationship-grounded stories that are its hallmark. What the audience cares about are how events shape and affect characters, not the events themselves. Would Gary's bequest of Empire Valley to the twins ruin Val's marriage to Ben? Would it break up Gary and Jill? How would Karen's kidnapping affect her family, or Greg's marriage to Laura? Those are the kinds of situations that kept viewers involved.

The characters are many-faceted. Villains Abby and Greg are not caricatures -- Greg played hero, albeit reluctantly, when Karen was almost killed; and Abby's love for Olivia is evident no matter how beastly she is to other people. Heroine Karen can get too nosy, and Laura's basic honesty is tested by her marriage to deceitful Greg. Good people act badly, and the bad can act heroically. KNOTS LANDING is certainly not a reflection of everyday life (would we watch if it were?) but the people are believeable and their situations intriguing without being far-fetched.
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