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I like how every single one of those deaths on Santa Barbara majorly impacted story. Mary's death was probably SB's most memorable death of all-time. Madeline's death turned into a mystery that provided story for Pearl Bradford, Courtney Capwell, David Laurent, and Julia Wainright. Amy's death was HUGE for Brick. It was caused by Hayley Benson, who felt guilty about what happened. This was witnessed by Ted Capwell, who married Hayley to avoid having to testify against her. That brings us to Dylan Hartley. Of all the deaths, Dylan's stretched furthest down the story pike. Kelly Capwell accidentally pushing him out the window was caught on tape and caused her to go on the run with Pearl Bradford and eventually meet future hubby Jeffrey Conrad. And who's hands did the tape fall into? Gina Blake Capwell, of course. She used the tape to blackmail the Capwells and to get CC to marry her (again!). This was easily one of my all-time fave SB stories.

Thanks so much for doing these- it brings back memories!
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