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This is the story that got ALL MY CHILDREN back on track. Living under one roof was Palmer and his wife Natalie, as well as his son and daughter-in-law, Ross and Ellen, Natalie and Ross had been having an affair. It was drama at its best as: Ross and Ellen's adopted daughter Julie learned the truth and tried desperately to keep her parents together; Elizabeth Carlyle, Julie's natural mother, turned up and wanted to take Julie away from Ellen and Ross -- eventually causing Julie to run off to New York, where she started working the streets; Mark Dalton, Ellen's ex-husband, arrived and wanted Ellen back -- especially after learning that he was Julie's natural father; Palmer's precious daughter Nina went off and married Matt Connolly, a man she hardly knew, causing more turmoil; Palmer and Ellen learned about their spouces diallianes; Ellen left Ross for Mark; Palmer threw Ross and Natalie out; Ross raped Natalie in revenge. Quite simply, life at Cortlandt Manor was -- and continues to be -- the most tightly woven and compelling saga that AMC has served up in years.
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