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Take the basic tool of our language -- the alphabet -- let the writers of GENERAL HOSPITAL get their hands on it, and you'll get a migrane. This year's sick headache (there's always one on this show) involved warring factions named the WSB and the DVX. For the uninitiated, the WSB stands for World Security Bureau, an organization that has battled generic evil on GH for many years. The letters DVX stood for nothing in particular but were chosen to represent a peace-loving terrorist organization that was trying to rub out both WSB agents working for America and their enemies (working for you-know-who) in the interest of nuclear disarmament. Implausibility aside, the story climaxed with a bewildering, poorly directed, cat-and-mouse chase at the foot of Mt. Rushmore. For our added pleasure, there was a song, "The Forty-Million Stars," used by the head of the DVX to hypnotize her fall guy, Dusty Walker. The writers planted clues to their story in the lyrics, but due to the serpentine nature of the plot, the tune didn't sink in and neither did the clues. We thought last year's Laurelton escapade was going to be the last of the bad GH stories, but here we are again.
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