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Here is a good story gone bad. And, for once, it isn't really the writers' fault. After overcoming innumerable obstacles, Patch and Kayla fell in love. Then Patch found out that his long-lost brother, Billy, who was dying, had fallen in love with Kayla, too. To complicate matters, Billy had been raised by a rich senator and didn't even know he was adopted, let alone that Patch was his brother. But Patch did what he thought was right: He broke up with Kayla to give his brother a reason to live. Naturally, Patch didn't tell Kayla or Billy about his noble sacrifice. So far, so good. The problems came when the actors were asked to play out the story. DAYS chose to ignore the fact that spunky Mary Beth Evans, who portrays Kayla, was very pregnant. Instead, they unsuccessfully tried to camoufladge her condition with large clutch-purses and camera angles, and did not cut back on the steamy love scenes. This really didn't work. It was also hard to buy the idea that Kayla would readily accept being dumped by Steve and then marry on the rebound. But, the main problem was the casting and re-casting and re-casting of the pivotal character, Jack. The audience was just warming up to the first Jack (who really looked like Steve) when he was abruptly replaced. Chemistry between the second Jack and Kayla was non-existent, so he was history. Enter Jack number three who faces a tough uphill battle for audience sympathy. Meanwhile, the so-called triangle existed in name only, since Jack was never able to hold up his end.
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