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Hee! That's interesting criticism of the Steve/Kayla/Jack storyline. I don't disagree that the recasts hurt (well, more specifically, Jack #2 hurt things badly - lousy actor, no chemistry with MBE). But, for me, that storyline is the gift that kept giving for about 5 years of pretty good storylines. Steve and Kayla reuniting, the affair, the rape, the Jack is Billy reveal (to Jack), the complex love/hate relationship between Steve and Jack, the even more complex relationship between Jack and Kayla, the impact of the rape on Steve and Kayla's relationship, the impact of Steve and Jack's sibling relationship on Steve and Kayla, the incorporation of Jack's attempt at redemption into the Marina storyline, and the impact of Jack's past on his relationship with Jennifer. There are so many absolutely wonderful, character driven moments and storylines that come out of this triangle that, for me, it overcomes any relatively minor problems with the triangle storyline itself.
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