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Nov 15 2009, 07:43 PM
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Nov 15 2009, 01:29 PM
Ejami is not for everyone. It's a complex relationship with many facets, just like the characters involved. If you like that kind of thing (which I do), then Ejami is very enjoyable.
Now wait. I love complex relationships with many facets and complex characters, and I don't find EJami very enjoyable at all.
I mean, when they first came, that's what it was and I was a fan.
But so much has changed, and not just the sexual assault....but how Sami has been written to not like EJ very much, the running out of bed, "sex is just sex", I'll only kiss you because of Nicole, the constant eye rolling and eventually the baby keeping...there is just so much shit that makes them not a good couple.
So if you like a couple where the guy has an irrational like towards the girl to the point of immaculinization, and the girl can't seem to stand the guy unless she seems him with her kids, then EJami is very enjoyable.
I guess it is all about perspective.
ITA the sexual assualt just makes Ejami nasty for me and Sami has just said 'EJ lives a life of crime and has no morals....' There is no love story being written for Ejami right now no matter what the fans want to chant across the boards and if this is what Sami truly feels about him even if something flared up again between them it won't last long with Sami believing that EJ is morally bankrupt...

If you love complexity there is plenty of it to be had with Ejole - what is predictable is his divorcing her and it's all over now the truth has come out

What is complex is him not going down a predictable path....realising once the fog clears he would never even know that Sydney was his and would never had the experience of the last year with her if it had not be for Nicole!

And they didn't have a pre-nup and she also knows what happened with Stephanie's kidnapping...and with Owen coming back? interesting
And isn't that what makes all of this interesting and fun to debate?

I can understand why some people enjoyed EJole together. I get that there are those that enjoy Safe and those who loved Lumi. And remarkably - there are already people that are excited about EJ and Arianna, presuming they will be paired romantically.

We all are drawn to the couples we love for a variety of reasons. And sometimes we change our minds mid-stream for any number of causes. But the bottom line is any of us can be celebrating while others are ranting with just the flick of the writers pen.

So why spend time questioning why people like who they like? I enjoy the debates about the story and how things might go but I think it's a lost cause to expect that anyone is going to change their mind about the pairing they support just because someone else ridicules their choice. :lol:
Great post. There are "chemistry first" fans, "story line first" fans, people who cheer for the heroes, and those who cheer for the villains, people who like believable stories, those who like implausible soapy drama, etc. You can't pin down any fan, and try to read more into their love of a couple than that they love that particular couple. I can't think of one couple, besides Bo and Hope who've gotten a long term on screen "happily ever after" in years. You take what the writers give you, and enjoy it, because just because Sami's saying EJ is morally bankrupt now does not mean she'll feel that way next month, or next year. For all we know, Sami might go back to being morally bankrupt, herself. Even if I don't like a particular couple, it would be sort of hard not to have some sort of understanding of where their fans are coming from, when you take into account that different people enjoy different aspects of stories, and different characters. For example, I get no enjoyment whatsoever out of watching Rafe, but it's not difficult to understand that other people might think he's heroic, and nice and be drawn to that sort of character.

IMA, I don't remember, but I think Rafe had EJ's picture back when Sami was in the safehouse and he was digging up dirt on the Dimeras. If you liked the video, there's a new update to brokeback ejafe. lol
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