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Cruz Castillo and Eden Capwell's tale of woe could aptly be titled, The Agony and Very Little Ecstacy. What horrific crime did they commit in a previous life to merit such misery? Can their fate be blamed on bad karma? In between emotional crises, this pair took turns being rushed to the hospital with life-threatening emergencies like wine poisioning, a cliff fall, a jailhouse stabbing and the odd car accident.

Nineteen eighty-seven was an abyss with no exit. After Eden miscarried their baby, Cruz believed she died in a plane crash and edured the torture of mourning the woman he loved more than life. Meanwhile, paralyzed from a murder attempt, Eden was marooned in the mountains. After some time, they were reunited -- but not for long.

An innocent Castillo was arrested for murder; Eden suffered a relapse and was back in her wheelchair. The last straw was when Keith Timmons (wallowing in his own slime), convened a kangaroo court, engineered Cruz's conviction and got him sentenced to life imprisonment. SB's hero in wrist and ankle manacles? Timmons railroading every witness? Please.

For three years, SB has maneuvered Cruz and Eden in an endless game of break-'em-up and put-'em-back-together. That the audience retains any interest whatsoever can be directly attributed to the strong chemistry and talent of A Martinez and Marcy Walker. Time and again, the actors inject believability into the unbelievable. But, no mas!
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