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How do they do it? Some characters always manage to catch your eye, even when they're not the main focus of a scene and don't have the best lines.

Ken Kercheval's Cliff Barnes is an itch that no one on DALLAS seems to be able to scratch; a tenacious gnat who diges in and refuses to budge. No matter which heavyweight he's up against, Cliff diverts attention, despite the fact that many of his own stories have been on the weak side. Barnes is the best listener/non-listener in the business. His facial gymnastics and restless body English tell their own tale and often provide welcome humor in the face of relentless tragedy. Even when things are at their worst, you can always count on Cliff Barnes to make you smile.

On AS THE WORLD TURNS, Elizabeth Hubbard's Lucinda Walsh shamelessly steals every scene, even if she's sitting "unobtrusively" in the back of a restaurant. Lucinda uses everything within arms' reach: her food, someone else's food, her clothes, someone else's clothes, her body, someone else's body -- even her infant grandson becomes a prop if a point needs to be made. Though it probably delights/chagrins the writers (and castmates who can't keep up), Liz Hubbard is the queen of the ad-lib. And it's all done in character. Ms. Walsh needs to dominate, and that's lucky for the audience. There's never a dull moment in Oakdale as long as Lucinda's around.
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