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I think that Nicole kidnapping Sydney wouldn't be too much a twist at all. Viewers are already kind of suspecting that she'll do that anyway. Technically, she has already "kidnapped" her. Whatever the twist, I hope that it is interesting. I hope that the storylines don't slip back into boredomville. The show has been rocking since this storyline began. I think that it would be a huge twist if Lucas did turn out to be the father of Sydney. Now, who would see that coming? Sami did stay with Lucas for a little while there before she took off. I do think that Sydney is Sami's baby. I just don't see them taking her from Sami after so much buildup of her finding her. I think that maybe EJ/Nicole's baby is alive out there somewhere. Because the show never really addressed how Stefano conveniently knew everything from the beginning. I think that Dr. Baker was working for good old Stefano all along. Some are speculating that Nicole will come back pregnant. Well, that makes no sense to me that they would script Nicole as being pregnant and wouldn't script in her true pregnancy. Hopefully, the storyline will venture towards something else spectacular. I'm kind of conflicted on what I want for Nicole once she returns(hurry back Ari!). On one hand, I want Ejole and on the other hand I want Bricole. I guess that I'm still holding out for an EJ/Nicole/Brady triangle. On a positive note, I think that all the actors in this story delivered. They've done an awesome job. I know that the Emmy panel doesn't recognize the show too much. But, this is one time that DAYS needs to walk away with the gold. :hail:
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