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Classy psychiatrist Dr. Alan Glaser was first introduced as Donna Hudson's sympathetic shrink. Then, when a serial killer began a reign of terror in Bay City, the police department sought Glaser's expert advice in establishing a personality profile for the murderer. He graciously obliged, and with professional detachment, described the psychotic stalker. Although clues and victims were dropping like flies, none of them seemed connected to cool-as-a-cucumber Glaser. Then, just when the story seemed to flounder, Glaser's elegant facade cracked and a possessed madman started to emerge. O'Brien made the complete turn-around shocking -- and convincing. The restrain which had characterized Dr. Glaser was transformed into cold-blooded scheming. But more importantly, Glaser's motives -- though warped -- were understandable. Ultimately, the complex character elicited pity, as well as horror. O'Brien's portrayal of the Sin Stalker was developed, detailed and frighteningly deliberate -- a far cry from the cardboard killers usually seen as plot devices on soaps.


This ole boy thought was realllll smart. Smarter than a liquor salesman trying to con a farm girl out of her virtue. Eban came to Corinth to claim his gal, Lottybird -- a fine lookin' filly who had been his common-law wife. But his woman two-timed him. She had taken up with a rich city-slicker -- going by the name of Curtis Alden -- who aimed to make her his bride. That didn't stop ole Eban from goin' after what was rightfully his -- and then some. He figured to pocket some of that cold, hard Alden cash. Well now, it would go a long way back in Craggy Hope. But, son of a gun, right after Eban kidnapped Lotty -- and things looked as rosy as a piggy's rear -- that Curtis dude cornered him, and put him in the pokey. Eban was madder than a wet hen. He busted out and took his feud to the chucher where Miss Trisha Alden was about to tie the knot with her intended. Eban raised his squirrel gun and... Bang, bang, he shot 'em down. Or almost. Them boys in blue were quicker on the trigger, and ole Eban wound up deader than a doornail. Now, in spite of his shortcomings, ole Eban is sorely missed.
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