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Not so many years ago, Wednesday night was DYNASTY night. People rearranged schedules so as not to miss the goings-on in Denver. What plight was poor Krystle in this week? What under-handed scheme was Alexis hatching? Who was sleeping in Fallon's bed? Thursday morning was the time when everyone rehashed the action and critiqued the clothes.

It's not like that any more. Now, no one seems to care what happens. Most of the cast was held hostage and the audience could watch it from a detached viewpoint, confident that all of the Carringtons would survive. The "crisis" did little to advance the story. As for the emotional conflict that is part-and-parcel of soap opera, most of DYNASTY's interpersonal relationships just aren't intriguing. The major exception is the pairing of Adam and Dana. The characters are interesting, the actors who portray them (Gordon Thompson and Leann Hunley) are talented, but for some inexplicable reason, the writers chose to leave them in the background last season far too much of the time. The same is true of Dex Dexter (portrayed by the under-used Michael Nader). Instead, viewers must witness too much of Alexis doing her camp-and-vamp routine. If DYNASTY doens't develop some direction and add compelling story lines, there may be a vacant time slot on Wednesday evening.
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