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She was in her ribbed pink bathrobe, having a drink, all ready to plunge into her bubble bath, strung out as usual after a day of manipulating in Oakdale when he, in a suit, charged into her bathroom looking for a fight. Well, a fight is what he got. Fed up with his blackmail threats and other underhanded tactics concerning her daughter Lily, Lucinda Walsh pushed John Dixon into her tub and threatened to take a picture of him in the suds for the front page of her newspaper. Dixon pulled her in with him before she could get near the camera.

There they sat, facing each other and looking very silly, two middle-aged dragons with their fires suddenly put out. In many ways, they were exactly alike. Headstrong, stubborn, combustile, and easily the shrewdest people in town (if not the most compassionate). Weren't they tired of fighting? Yes, so they decided to elope to Las Vegas and become man and wife. And so began the fun -- the marriage of John and Lucinda was the most unusual and unexpected pairing on daytime this year. Let no man put this union asunder.
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