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What could have been one of the more stirring stories on DALLAS last season, turned out to be the most pointless. A stranger going by the name of Wes Parmalee turned up at Southfork and got himself hired as the new foreman. Miss Ellie had an eeire sensation that she knew this man from somewhere, but she shrugged it off. Then, Parmalee told her that he was really her first husband Jock, who had been presumed dead after a plane crash, and he had undergone extensive plastic surgery and years of recuperation. Ellie was stunned, but she wasn't as quick as the rest of her family to label him a fraud. What if this really was Jock, the father of her children and her first love? How could she turn her back on him? she fretted. Determined to give the man a chance, Ellie put her marriage to Clayton in jeopardy and risked alienating her children by accepting Wes's dinner invitation. This scene turned out to be one of the season's most touching. Steve Forrest was extremely convincing as the man who had come back from the dead, determined to win back the woman he loved. If Parmalee had turned out to be Jock, the implications would have touched all the Ewings' lives and made for exciting stories. Sadly, the writers nipped it in mid-stream by having Wes admit that he was indeed a fraud. Parmalee left town, which left us totally unsatisfied.
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