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GUIDING LIGHT tried to recreate the past when the wrote a reconciliation story for Vanessa and Ross. The only problem was that both characters had totally changed. Once a bitchy, spoiled brat, Vanessa matured into a still-headstrong, but compassionate character. Today's upright and wordly-wise attroney, Ross Marler, was introduced on the show as Vanessa's jilted lover from years past. Back then, Ross was brash, egotistical and hungry for power. Vanessa was his match. But as they got older, the fire went out. When their illegitimate (and secret) daughter, Dinah, surfaced, they reunited. While all the elements were in place for a terrific story, it fizzled. The performers' chemistry was sacrificed to their material. Vanessa and Ross bickered about the child. They squabbled about Vanessa's job. They got petty. instead of becoming lovers, they became parents.
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