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When the truth comes out after months -- and sometimes years -- of secrecy, the revelation itself should be devastating. In these cases, it was.

Y&R's Nikki chose to come clean with Victor over a romantic dinner that she thought signaled their reconciliation. "I have good news," Mrs. Newman began, and then told her husband she was recovering from her fatal illness. Since he already knew this, he decided to play cat and mouse with his scheming wife. A stony Victor asked her how long she'd known. While Nikki squirmed, he finessed the truth out of her, and once again, Nikki was playing by Victor's rules. Instead of winning his love, she earned his hatred, and she knew it.

ANOTHER WORLD's M.J. knew she had to tell her Irish-Catholic father exactly why her fiance stood her up at the altar. She didn't want him hearing from someone else that she had been a hooker. "I slept with men for money," she admitted, not mincing words. Her shattered father tried to white-wash her confession, but M.J. wouldn't allow it. Rather than take the easy way out and claim she had been led astray, M.J. forced Vince to face the bitter truth -- even though it almost destroyed both of them.
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