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Usually, when a beloved soap character needs to suddenly be recast due to illness, the audience ends up looking at a pale version of the original. GENERAL HOSPITAL proved the exception this year when David Lewis was replaced by Les Tremayne in the role of Edward Quartermaine when illness forced Lewis to take an extended medical leave. Not only did Mr. Tremayne bear an uncanny resemblance to Mr. Lewis, he also sounded like him and had his mannerisms down pat. He developed an immediate rapport with Stuart Damon and Leslie Charleson and kept the cantankerous Quartermaine family as testy as ever. While we are happy to have David Lewis back in the role, Les Tremayne is to be commended for doing an excellent job under difficult circumstances.


The details of this one are fuzzy. Some creepy guy came to Springfield with hazy connections to Johnny Bauer and Alan Spaulding. Something about an art swindle. Suddenly everyone was wishing out loud that he was dead. Next thing you knew, he was. Johnny, Alan, Alex, Christine (remember her?) -- you name them, they were accused of killing Paul Valere. Problem was, no one cared about Valere, no one cared who killed him, but everyone was subjected to a convoluted, drawn-out story that made no sense at all. When all other possiblities were exhausted, and it became apparent that this mess had to end, someone inexplicably decided to blame it all on Warren. Now Warren had never been a terrific guy, but he wasn't a crazed murderer, and he had been entertaining. The real crime here wasn't murder, it was assassination of a character, and the blame rests with whoever concocted this preposterous plot.
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