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Having already cited this show for the year's worst story line, it may seem like we're kicking a bad show when it's down, but someone has to tell the truth. GENERAL HOSPITAL isn't working anymore, on any level. Besides the inane stories (Monica Quartermaine going to the Biscayne Islands to haggle with third-rate revolutionaries?) there were three new characters (Carmellia, Greta Ingstrom, Rosa) who were brought on only to be dispactched when it became clear that they weren't clicking with already established characters. Add to this the not-so-exciting return of Robert Scorpio and you'll know why we consistently turned the channel. They couldn't even get Duke and Anna's wedding right. The minister read from the Bible with the vows highlighted with a marker. You know, like you did with your college textbooks. Yes, blunder for blunder, GH seems to be in a class by itself for embarrassing daytime programming.
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