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Poor Ellen. She's never been lucky in the romance department. All her life she's been hurt by the men she's chosen. Ellen's first husband divorced her, leaving her to raise her daughter Devon alone. Her second husband, Mark Dalton, becamse a cocaine addict and caused her to miscarry their child. Third husband Ross cheated on her with his father's wife (see Best Story Line). It seemed as though Ellen was doomed to walk the earth without a loving partner by her side. But then the transformation of Mark Dalton from cocaine addict to supportive friend occurred. He stood by Ellen's side during her troubles with Ross and the disappearance of her daughter Julie. She stood by his side when he through he might have contracted AIDS. It became apparent that the love they once felt for each other was still there. With a new respect for each other, Ellen and Mark's friendship evolved into romance -- giving them the strength they needed to pull them through some of their darkest days.
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