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This year, DAYS OF OUR LIVES really overdid the hearts-and-flowers routine. The worst offenders? Justin and Adrienne. He developed a penchant for picking up a musical instrument and bursting into song. Which was always followed by Adrienne's tears. Then tere were those poetry readings. More tears. And the roses. And the costume ball, which featured yet another dose of Adrienne and Justin as Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester.

As for Steve and Kayla -- more mush. More waterworks. And another rose, this one made out of silver so it could never die -- just like their love. And let's not forget all those romantic fantasies in which the star-crossed couple found happiness.

Corniest of all was the canine shotgun wedding. Calliope hitched her pregnant pooch to the dog who got Martha with pup. The couple "wed" in Neil's living room; an affair complete with human and doggie guests, entertainment and formal attire for the bride and groom.

Only time will tell about Roman and Diana, but if the dancing-in-the-dark and seduction-by-microphone scenes are any indication, they're in for a long, corny romance.
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