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This week's SOD features interviews with Ari Zucker and Valerie Wildman, who returns to play Nicole's mother Fay.

Nicole goes to Cleveland with Sydney after she kidnaps her. Nicole reunites with her mother there, and Nicole tells her mother that she needs to leave the country to escape her abusive husband. Fay tells Nicole she'll help her.

Zucker tells SOD that while Fay and Nicole did not leave each other the last time on the best of terms, Nicole really needs her mother right now, even though, as Zucker says, "Nicole has always been mad at Fay for letting Nicole's father do what he did to her."

Wildman says that "for years I had hoped and prayed that Fay would have a second chance to come out of denial, to apologize to Nicole... and to be the mother and friend that she always wanted to be." Wildman says that the call from Days "came out of the blue", right after she finished playing a character on GH who is the opposite of Fay. Wildman discusses that it's "wonderful" to play Fay as having a second chance to be there for Nicole.

Both Zucker and Wildman say it was a thrill to work with each other again. Wildman says, "Unbeknownst to most people, we really do love each other in real life." Zucker echoes Wildman's sentiments and adds that she enjoyed playing "Nicole's remorse and apologies... with how Nicole always treated her."

In Cleveland, Nicole calls Brady, who tells her to bring Sydney back home. SOD says that "Brady also tells Nicole that he still loves her." Nicole decides she'll call Sami and surrender, but as SOD says, "something happens to her." SOD concludes that Sami, Rafe, EJ and Brady fly to Cleveland, where they find Nicole in the hospital unconscious and Sydney missing...

SOW:Sydney Is Kidnapped!

EJ, Sami and Rafe join forces to track down Nicole and Sydney this week. They find Nicole, but they're stunned to learn that Sydney has vanished.

The horrific discovery is set in motion after Sami pleads with EJ to work together to find their daughter. EJ agrees. Their collaboration rekindles their old bond. "This girl has just got a hold over EJ," says James Scott. "It's sad that Sami comes bloody close to him in this horrible circumstance and EJ gets something out of that. It's sad that this is the only type of relationship he can have with her; when things become their worst and forces move them together."

Meanwhile, Nicole, who has convinced her mom to give her money to flee the country, calls EJ to say goodbye and threatens that he'll never see Sydney again. "EJ's furious," says JS. "He wants his baby back."

Nicole insists that Sydney is better off with her and hangs up on him. EJ take his phone to the police to get them a lead. JS says "He thinks it's best to cooperate with the police and do everything he can to find his daughter, rather than working against them, as he has in the past."

Sami and Rafe rush to the station when they learn about the break in the case, but Sami crumbles when the efforts to find Nicole are not successful. EJ and Rafe console her, and EJ begins hoping for a reconciliation with Sami once they find Sydney.

"For EJ, it's always been Sami, even when it was Nicole," admits JS. "She's the mother of his two kids. The thought that maybe they can make their relationship work has to go through is head."

Sami gets a call on her phone from an area code in Cleveland. When she answers it no one is on the line. Everyone assumes it's Nicole so they take off.

EJ, Sami, Rafe and Brady arrive in Cleveland. Sydney is nowhere to be found. Sami and Rafe sit in as a cop questions witnesses and EJ visits Nicole, who's been admitted to a Cleveland hospital. Nicole is unconscious. When she wakes and EJ asks her where Sydney is, Nicole starts screaming, 'Where's my baby?'. "It looks as if Nicole is telling the truth, but EJ doesn't really know," says JS explaining that "eventually, everyone reaches the conclusion that Sydney has been stolen. She's been kidnapped."

EJ and Sami fear for their daughter's safety. "At least when Sydney was first taken, they knew Nicole had her," says Scott. "Now that the baby has been kidnapped, EJ and Sami don't know who has their baby. And since she's a DiMera, they might want money. EJ is determined to get his daughter back by whatver means necessary."
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