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This week's SOD features a short interview with Molly Burnett.

Melanie tells Nathan that she kissed Philip, but she tells Nathan that he's who she really wants. Burnett says that Melanie is trying to convince Nathan and trying to convince herself. "If Philip weren't in the picture, she'd be happy and that wouldn't be a problem." Burnett continues that Nathan asks Melanie if what happened between Melanie and Philip will happen again. Melanie says no, it won't. As Burnett explains, "She says, 'No,' so he says, 'Good,' and he kisses her. It's super-romantic and great."

Meanwhile, Stephanie tells Nathan that she's right for him. Nathan nicely tells her no, but Vivian then tries to "meddle" as SOD puts it by talking to Philip about Kate. Philip goes to the Cheatin' Heart for a drink, and he runs into Melanie there. Burnett explains that Melanie is helping Philip "with his mom problems", and that "whenever Philip shows some vulnerability, Melanie just melts."

Melanie and Philip almost kiss, but then Nathan comes in. Nathan tells Melanie it's over between them, and Philip tells Melanie he loves her. Burnett says, "... it's a whirlwind of emotions", because Melanie wanted to be with Philip, but now that Melanie's with someone else, Philip finally wants her.

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