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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Nov 25 2009, 10:56 PM
EJ and Sami fear for their daughter's safety. "At least when Sydney was first taken, they knew Nicole had her," says Scott. "Now that the baby has been kidnapped, EJ and Sami don't know who has their baby. And since she's a DiMera, they might want money. EJ is determined to get his daughter back by whatver means necessary."
So THIS is the twist. That Stefano takes the baby from Nicole, after she sort of made some amends with Sami to try and soften her, but before the handoff happens Stefano hides her. You know, it's funny, it seems so simple yet I don't remember anyone any where suggesting this as the twist. But I think this is it.

This is the show's way of saving Nicole from being the total bad guy as Stefano gets to be the heavy ubervillain (I still hope they at least bother to say Nic is getting some counseling or something while she is off canvas during AZ's maternity leave).

I hope the show does a good job of playing out all the beats with this and if this happens they follow through for real on EJ and Steffi's father-son bond being destroyed. And maybe, just maybe Stef could bring Meredith back to brick Rafe for a while so we get at least a few scenes of EJ and Sami on the run looking for Syd without him? Is that so much to ask? Cause you know this show isn't going to let anyone but SuperRafe get the glory at the end of this to be the one to bring Stefano down/carry the magic child down the aisle of St. Luke's on Xmas eve while Chloe sings.
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