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Nov 26 2009, 12:14 PM
Very happy with this and it makes perfect sense. I just wonder if Corday was out of loop as usual because he said Phillip/Stephanie and Melanie/Nathan are the rooting couples, but so far it looks like Phillip/Steph had a clean break and she is fully focused on Nathan now. So I wonder if after year+ chemistry testing the writers finally decided to give Philip/Mel a real chance, especially when Steph/Nathan took off surprisingly good as well and there is definitely a lot to explore.
I figured he was, although he would be that moronic to give away the outcome of the story LOL.

I honestly don't think the writers know the endgame yet, though. I think they have it planned to go either way and that is a good thing. I think they are treating it like they did last Fall with Lucas/Chloe/Daniel. Chloe and Daniel were not written at the beginning to be long-term. It seemed like as soon as they started getting a favorable response that the writing changed to them being "destined lovers" and they became the rooting interest. I think we could be seeing signs of the same thing happened here. They may be changing gears to Steph/Nathan and Philip/Melanie knowing full well that Philip/Steph and Melanie/Nathan have fans too in case they ever have to go back in that direction.

I like this though. They are just letting things naturally fall into place and then they will see what seems like the best route to go for the show. That is what I like about this show the past year or so. They set things up so wonderfully and they plan long-term but also keep themselves open to going in another direction. That's the best way to do it.
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