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We have a few bones to pick with this nine-month long (and counting) saga, in which a serial killer enacted the plot of Kevin's murder mystery novel, General Homicide. While the murders may have been perpetrated with a chilling flair, only one of the victims (Jake) was a core character, so we were not emotionally invested in the crime spree. Notably, the PC writers...oops, sorry, we mean the killer...didn't follow the pattern in the book. Karen was supposed to be hung from the rafters at the Nurses' Ball - not Jake. And Joe (make that John) was supposed to buy the farm courtesy of a power drill, not a stabbing. These discrepancies indicate that PC was making the story up as it went along, which is too bad. The cardinal rule of effective storytelling is to know exactly where you're going, and then find the most interesting route to get there. Finally, Julie is the killer? The same Julie we saw applauding in the audience at the Nurses' Ball while Lucy was being suffocated in a shrunken dress and Jake was being hung? That's insulting to the many viewers who were paying attention and trying to solve the mystery. Throw in Julie's "brainwashing" to this outcome and we feel cheated. The next time Kevin writes a book, here's hoping it's a romance novel.
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